Frequently Asked Questions

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About Affiliate Program

How does the affiliate programme work?

Once you are registered and accepted as an affiliate at BetOnAces, you will be given an affiliate account. Using tracking links, your players will be tracked and you will earn commission on each player that you send.

How do I earn money?

Depending on which commission structure you are on, you can earn money from the loss of the players or the volume of players that you send.

Can I change my commission model?

You can speak with your Affiliate Manager and decide on which commission model will suit you best, however it is down to the discretion of BetOnAces to allocate the commission model.

How long will I earn commission on my players?

You will earn  lifetime commission, or for as long as your website is live. Unless otherwise stated.

How and when will I be paid?

Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis via invoicing our accounts department. Invoices are paid via bank transfer, Skrill or Neteller.

How can I track my earnings?

BetOnAces are partnered with ‘My Affiliates’, making it easy to track your earnings in real time. Simply log in to your affiliate account and you will see everything clearly displayed on the dashboard.

How do I view my reports?

In the same way that you track your earnings, you can run reports too. These reports can be as simple or complex as you desire.

Can I have more than one website?

Yes, you can have as many sites as you like all under one affiliate account. We will create separate site ID’s so that you can track them separately.

I’ve just created my account, when will I be approved?

We aim to check all new registrations within 48 hours, this can sometimes be quicker or take slightly longer depending on the number of registrations.

What is a sub affiliate? And what is the sub commission?

A sub affiliate is an affiliate that introduces us to another affiliate via a tracking link. The commission for the sub affiliate can vary up to 8% of the net revenue.

Do I create my own banners and marketing material?

No, everything will be done for you. You will have a range of marketing materials in various sizes saved to your account.

I need something specific created, can you help?

Yes, we have an in-house design team committed to designing and creating the perfect banner/landing page tailored to your need.