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About us

Our Story

Since first launch of the and in 2017, we have come a long way and made many developments through trusted partnerships with leading brands. We have built our company on a foundation of trust and communication, focusing on meeting the specific marketing needs of ambitious brands. Led by industry veteran Sezin Ozel, Managing Director, BOA continues a path to success with a strong commitment to innovation and evolution. 

As an affiliate and performance marketing company, we promote and generate online traffic for our business partners. We are always striving to deliver the best possible return on investments and provide multiple marketing tools that use the latest technology and innovative features.  

Our team

Our team of experts has been hand-selected and has experience with affiliate and performance marketing. We combine extreme creativity with knowledge of data analysis to deliver top-notch services that can provide value to every clients’ business. With more than a decade of affiliate program management experience, BOA Partners offers an amazing team of account managers. Our business is ROI focused and we place our business valued at the very centre of everything. 

We are always looking to explore new territories and use the latest technology. Through this, we quickly adapt to the needs of clients and provide high value customers while maintaining customer satisfaction. We empower customers to make informed decisions with confidence by creating engaging and informing online publications. 

Be part of our story

We help people make well-informed decisions, which in turn delivers engaged users to our business partners from across the world. Our team of experts is always working with partners to ensure a positive relationship. BOA Partners has the tools, resources, and ability to provide partner-integrated products that lead to brand growth. 

As experts in performance marketing, we believe we do three things well: 

  • We do search advertising by using high-intent keywords for high-value users and give users the confidence to make informed purchasing decisions.  
  • We create highly engaging, content-rich websites and drive vast numbers of engaged users to our partners. This allows us to play a key role in generating the highest possible return on investment.  
  • We create a partner ecosystem through our network of publishers and advertisers and connect diverse audiences to drive exceptional business growth for businesses. 

At BOA Partners, you will find a top-notch management team ready to tackle your marketing goals or help with the development of strategies. The members of our workforce are enthusiastic and engaged, providing a passionate commitment to offering only the best products and services for our partners. By combining technology, we are able to drive higher volumes of users to all of our partner

Our Vision

Our vision is ambitious yet straightforward: To create diversity and technology innovation in a highly competitive marketing environment. At BOA Partners, we have a strong belief that our customers should always be at the heart of what we do. Our goal is to create a customer-focused environment that helps to revolutionise affiliate marketing. This is done through the keen eyes of our experienced team. 

We believe hard work is always rewarded; therefore, we work hard, very hard and we deliver results. We put consumers and our advertisers at the centre of everything, with unparalleled transparency, insight, and results for our partners. For us, the path so far has been successful, rewarding, and joyful.  

What We See Ahead

We are aiming to the top and our journey has just begun! In addition to our international E gaming, Travel and finance marketing services, BOA Partners is looking forward to offering even more verticals in every step of digital marketing. 

As we set our sights on future success, we hope you will come along for the ride and take full advantage of the reliable and proven affiliate marketing services we can offer.  

With some exciting options in the pipeline, BOA Partners aims to continue catering to the needs of current and new partners while opening the door to new and innovative products.  

We Have Collaborated With The Top Tier Brands.

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