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What Is a Gambling Affiliate Network? What Do CPA, Hybrid, Revenue Share Models Mean, and How to Make an Affiliate Deal?

By November 4, 2021No Comments

Do you wonder how online gaming platforms and casinos seemingly appear overnight? Their success is genuinely astonishing and feels almost like something out of a movie. However, this is not the case. It is all an illusion made possible by the wonders of a gambling affiliate network and all those involved in the process of developing the online platform.

In this guide, we discuss what a gambling affiliate network is and how the network operates. So strap in as we take you on this mind-blowing tour across the world of this well-oiled machine.

What Is a Gambling Affiliate?

To get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding affiliates, we need all the facts. So what is a gambling affiliate? In short, a gambling affiliate is a person who promotes an online casino and directs traffic to the casino from their own website or social media accounts..

The affiliate has personal links to these betting or gambling sites from which they make money when a new customer starts spending money in the casino.

How to Become a Gambling Affiliate?

To become a gambling affiliate, you will have to have a platform that is related to online gambling such as a website or social media accounts. You will also need to have a good loyal following that respects your opinion when it comes to online gambling and casinos.

You also need to bring out relevant content that provides value. For example, an expert on cooking that has a cooking website and posts content related to that topic will not be very successful at convincing her audience to join an online casino.

Once you have jumped the appropriate hoops and spent some time growing your content and following, you can apply to an affiliate program on the website you decide to do business with.

You as the affiliate will receive a link used as a reference for the referral you made. On average, a gambling affiliate can earn between $10 000 a month, depending on your sales rate.

What Is a Gambling Affiliate Network?

Now that we have gotten the basic ideas out the way, let’s get into why we are here. What is a gambling affiliate network? A gambling affiliate network is how online platforms, especially online casino platforms, grow their customer base.

This network allows online gaming publishers to connect and reach a wider audience by using people or a network that is made up of those responsible for advertising the brand or website.

This process is done by using the links that are given to these network affiliates to be used for promotional purposes. The network affiliate is generally a casino reviewer or blogger who writes on similar topics.

This idea is truly remarkable as it considers that the primary audience is on mobile and tends to make these commitments while on the go or during their free time. For many online gambling publishers, this means a steady revenue stream generated from working with big brands and receiving endorsements from these brands.
What Is a Gambling Affiliate Network? What Do CPA, Hybrid, Revenue Share Models Mean, and How to Make an Affiliate Deal?

When a new affiliate is discovered, they can choose between a CPA or a revenue share as forms of remuneration. The choice is entirely up to the affiliate, but what is the difference between these options??

Keep in mind that these models give you a percentage of all sales you make for the site.

First, let’s discuss these two concepts, and then we will let you decide which is the better option.


A CPA, also known as cost per acquisition, is a once-off commission system that pays you as an affiliate when a new client makes a deposit or a series of deposits over a period of time. Emphasis on the ONCE-OFF.

This system may only work when a certain amount of money is spent or if the accumulated amount is over a certain percentage over some time. This rule applies to every client you bring in and, as we mentioned, may have some terms and conditions attached to it.

Revenue Share

As you may have guessed, this system offers a percentage of the revenue you bring in when a new client makes a deposit at the online casino. You receive a portion of this that could range between 5% to around 25%, depending on the amount that is spent on the platform.

This system is operational no matter how little is spent. If the client spends less than a hundred bucks, you still get paid the percentage you agreed on.

CPA Hybrid Revenue Share Models 

Now, this is the deal of all deals. The holy grail of share deals. This plan is designed for a network affiliate. It’s the best revenue model as it is a combination of both CPA and revenue share.

This means you make money when you refer a new client and can still receive payment even after you have received your flat fee.

For example, if your client makes a deposit of about $1000 you receive the agreed-upon flat fee and then receive a further percentage of that payment from the revenue share side of the equation if the client keeps using the online casino.

The idea here is to get as much out of your deal as possible. It is recommended that you take a revenue share deal whenever it is possible. This is due to the fact that you get paid the percentage even if you do not bring in new clients and can still make money from the deal.

When you are offered a CPA, you need to ask yourself: “can I bring in a steady and generous amount of bettors to this site?”. This is important as you only get paid when you bring in a new consumer, there is no income after you refer a new client.

The flat fee can also be less than desirable and if this is your bread and butter, let’s just say you might not eat till you refer a new client! The best plan to receive here is the CPA hybrid model. Simply because it is a combination of both these wonderful ideas and you get the most out of the agreement.

How to Make an Affiliate Deal?

Let’s take what we have learnt and make an affiliate deal. But how should we approach this? This is a relatively simple procedure that doesn’t require you to sell your soul.

First, you need to choose who you’re going to work with. It is wise to choose a few sites to affiliate with as you want the most out of your experience and need to be compensated according to how many customers you could bring to the table.

Bear in mind that the companies you choose to work with heavily impact your reputation with the clients you bring in. Check if the site treats the affiliates and players well while keeping their promise of turning your trade into a profit.

Next, you need to sign up for an affiliate account. This is free and can be approved immediately after you apply. This account will help you keep track of your deals and how much you are making from the trade.

After you’ve established that you’re an affiliate you need to get your links, or you’re not going to get paid. Remember these links are personalized by the publisher and are how the company tracks the deals you make.

After you’ve dealt with the business of it all, it’s time to think about how you’re going to advertise these links. Some start websites dedicated to reviews or blogs that are based on gambling. This is up to you but it is best to be subtle about it. No one wants you screaming down their throat to buy a product, you have to provide value.


We think this is one of the most lucrative ways to make a living. It’s easy and can be done from basically anywhere. If you’re already a gambler yourself, and enjoy sharing your experiences then you’re halfway there. So why haven’t you become a network affiliate yet?