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Why Affiliate Marketing Works Best to Promote an Online Casino

By August 24, 2021No Comments

There are many ways to promote your online casino, but affiliate marketing is one of the most effective methods. Affiliate marketing can generate traffic towards your website, boost sales and increase revenue. 

Despite the many methods that exist when promoting a product, the ROI generated through affiliate marketing tops them all. Here we will define an affiliate and look at how they benefit the online gaming industry. 

Who Is an Affiliate? 

An Affiliate is a person who generates traffic for your online casino through their website. An affiliate is also known as an influencer in some circles. Online gaming affiliates are different from the other industry’s affiliates because they are also players and individuals who enjoy online gambling. 

They usually have excellent knowledge and experience as a user. By blogging and live streaming, they share their experiences with other players. Affiliates and professional affiliate companies are now a very common way of promoting a casino in the iGaming world.

Affiliates share tips and tricks for gambling, and by doing that, they gain the trust of other players. They’re creating a significant amount of traffic to their website and, in turn, for the online casino’s website. They use SEO, links, social media, blogging, webinars, and reviews to achieve high rankings in search engines. They then refer traffic to online casinos, which is how they earn a profit in return. 

How Do They Promote an Online Casino? 

The most important thing that an affiliate marketer does is bring relevant traffic to your online casino. They promote the online casino by placing links and banners on their website, creating what is known as referral traffic. 

Sometimes the banners have instructions or a call-to-action to either register or make a deposit. The generated traffic deposits funds through the link or banner, making the casino more profitable. 

Affiliate websites have information that is useful to potential players. They commonly display important information such as online casino rankings or iGaming guides. Users that follow the link tend to play or participate in the online casino making this traffic even more valuable. 

Approaches Used in Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate websites also have different approaches to generating much-needed traffic. 

  • There are portal-like websites that target a much wider audience by having all information related to online gaming. 
  • There are also niche websites that specialize in promoting a particular feature related to your website.  For example, if your casino allows members to use bitcoin that would be considered a niche topic.

How Affiliates Get Paid 

Affiliates get paid for the traffic they generate for casino websites. There are different ways of rewarding affiliates.

  1. Revenue – Share 

With revenue-share, the affiliate gets a percentage of the casino’s income generated by the referred players. This is the most profitable and preferred remuneration by affiliates because they are likely to earn an income for a longer period. The percentage paid to the affiliate also varies on the agreement made, with some partners getting up to 50% in commissions. This model is a known motivator to the affiliate to bring quality players and create constant revenue. 

  1. Cost Per Action (CPA)

Usually, the player must make a deposit for the affiliate to be paid. Every player has a fixed rate; for example, the casino could reward the affiliate for every registration. The rate can also be flexible with the likelihood of increasing as the number of players referred increases.

  1. Mixed Models

In the mixed models’ approach, casino operators have the flexibility to apply customized strategies towards their affiliates. They can offer a combined approach with both revenue-share and CPA included. They can sometimes negotiate for upfront payments determined by the revenue likely to be generated for the casino. A flexible relationship with your affiliate is encouraged to create a better network, increasing your chances of being profitable. 

The Effectiveness of Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most commonly used in promoting online casinos. There are several advantages associated with affiliate marketing that can be found to boost your online casino. Here are a few:

Performance-based rewards. Unlike other forms of marketing, affiliate marketing only pays the affiliate for the work done. The influencer simply generates traffic and gets paid for it. Affiliate marketing focuses on performance, guaranteeing a high ROI. Even if the commission or CPA paid to an affiliate is high, the casino equally generates increased revenue.  

Progress can be measured. Affiliate marketing allows you to compare and calculate the amount earned based on the amount invested. This is valuable data which can be used to determine future marketing strategies and budgets.

Tracking is simple. The casino can easily manage its affiliate programs by using online software. The tracking is easier with an affiliate system that allows you to view how well your casino is doing on different affiliate websites. This will enable you to know which banners and links are generating the most traffic. 

Creates reputation and online presence. Since most affiliates have built a good reputation for themselves in the iGaming world, this equally gives your casino a good reputation, fame, and credibility. A good reputation creates a long-lasting impression on people and strengthens your brand. 

3 Steps to Meeting the Right Affiliate 

The main aim is to create a long-lasting partnership with affiliates. Here are a few steps to guide you on selecting the next influencer for your online casino: 

  1. Use media resources devoted to iGaming to place information about your affiliate program. Advertise your affiliate program to attract a prospective affiliate. 
  2. Attend specialized exhibitions and conferences for affiliates. Go to the conference to learn more about iGaming. You can also learn new techniques developed for the business and make new deals with other casino operators.
  3. Use word of mouth. Word of mouth is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it is still a reliable strategy. The more people you know across the industry, the easier it will be to grow and expand your affiliate network.

Finding the Best Affiliate Marketing Platform 

To ensure that you get the most out of your affiliate marketing program, you must employ the correct technology. The software should be easy to use for both the operator and the affiliate. 

Several software programs have been created for affiliate marketing and can be easily incorporated into the iGaming industry and online casino software. You can also custom make your system depending on your needs. 

Also, when selecting an affiliate marketing platform, consider how it corresponds to your needs and the industry standards. Ensure that the platform is built to maximize results with their affiliate marketing strategies.  

Online gambling is an industry controlled by external factors. These factors make it challenging to find an effective marketing strategy. Most forms of marketing are unavailable for online casinos to promote themselves. Affiliate marketing has made it to the top by being the best for promoting your iGaming website by being reliable and transparent.